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A team player with excellent communication skills, eight years CCNP in IT as Technical Team Leader and Senior Network Engineer, in The UK and The Netherlands, for renowned companies such as BT, C&W, Shell and AT&T.

Contact Details: brahms@brahms-sorie.com +44(0)7989 518 507 



Key Skills

-           ITIL Service/Asset Centre for Change Management, Visio for LAN/WAN drawings, smarts network  management (Shell/AT&T)

-           Implementing PacketShaper 6500 for optimal application bandwidth allocation (Shell)

-           VoIP, IPT, Remedy (incident management) deployments and application testing for HBOS and RBOS late evening migration project (BT)

-           Implementing Riverbed Steelhead 550 for optimal bandwidth support (Shell)

-           Configuring Cisco 6500 ACE load-balancing (AT&T)

-           Analysing Frame-relay switches, IS-IS, EIGRP, SNMP, TACACS for global network migration (C&W)

-           Deploying Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN or Wi-Fi) at remote sites for hotspot connectivity (Shell)

-           Troubleshooting SNMP (SMARTS) OSPF, BGP, MPLS, STP, VTP, HSRP, Port-channels on the network infrastructure on the Linux platform (Shell/AT&T)

-           Configuring T-Systems Datacentre VLANs on switches as requested for port allocation and support (AT&T)

-           Performing VPN IPSEC 3rd level support and Juniper configs as Technical Team Lead on the Wincor Banking Project (BT)

-           Cisco security and Pix firewall rules configurations (C&W)

-           Commissioning NHS N3 sites via RIP, ISDN and DSL deployments for hospitals, surgeries etc (BT)

-           8 yrs Cisco IOS suite with catalyst 6500, 4500, 3550 and 7200, 12000 routers


May 2007 – July 2009 Shell and AT&T, Leidschendam, The Netherlands

Senior Change Implementation Engineer – Shell outsourced IT support to AT&T, so I was automatically inherited to ensure a smooth transition and limited business impact, while maintaining standards and practices. Please see below for details.

Remote implementation of live changes on Shell’s global network, as part of a 24hr shift team. Activities involve:-

-     Communicating with onsite engineers to plan and synchronize actions on live customer Shell sites (e.g Offshore Rigs and Shell locations around the world)

-     Understanding Shell’s global network infrastructure and liaising with teams in  Malaysia (Incident Management) for optimal and coordinated network support.

-     Configuring Data Centres as per customer requests in a time sensitive manner

-     Performing impact/business analysis and risks involved and requirements when implementing live network changes, interacting ISPs involved, to schedule agreed downtimes to limit business impact and specify number of users impacted during peak/off-peak periods.

-     Network maintenance and monitoring using SMARTS etc and ITIL (Service/Asset Centre) for complete global Shell Asset Management.

-     Implementing Cisco LAN/WAN protocols and configuring/troubleshooting OSPF/BGP/MPLS networks, WLAN, IPT and Cisco IOS Suite.

June 2006 – May 2007 BT Global Services, London

Senior Network Engineer, 8am – 4.30pm – I am currently team leader in a team of seven, working on four projects, ensuring my team meets strict deadlines, as set by the Project Manager, while dealing with any outstanding issues. In evenings, I work as an IP solutions engineer on the HBoS VoIP rollout.

 Wincor Nixdorf, 9am – 5pm, Commissioning Engineer – Wincor developed state of the art ATM cash machines, armed with a host of functions, including taking pictures of customers, which are being rolled-out to the Co-op Bank around the UK. Responsibilities include:

-          guiding Wincor engineers to install Cisco routers and verify ADSL connectivity

-          verifying SNTP connections and troubleshooting IPSEC over VPNs operation

-          ensuring HSRP in effective operation on PE routers with IPSEC and verifying connectivity to gateway routers, while the triple CCIE designer finalises ongoing pilot design issues

-          testing backdoor access via modems is fully consistent and efficient

-          implementing AAA configurations to provide secure access and updating NMSloader and ConfigStore management platforms

-          checking devices are polled on SNMP

 William Hill, 10am – 12pm – commissioning about 2000 sites around the UK, which require new filters and IOS flash upgrades. Role entails:

-         ensuring field engineers upload new IOS flash manually or setting up a TFTP server for remote administration

-         verify connection with switch still established and working as normal

-         ensure all on site PCs, TV screens are working as expected

-         report any outstanding issues to PM and solving problems within the change window

-         configuring CE (c837), switch (2950) and  PE (c7204) devices to ensure connectivity

 Concorde Audit, 12pm – 4.30 – configuring well over 40,000 sites from various high profile customers, to enable efficient and effective administration of flow based tools to monitor network traffic on interfaces, in order to implement QoS. Tasks included:

-         organising the team to effectively run through hundreds of spreadsheets of various customers

-         dealing with login access issues to sites that are unreachable, via TACACS, SDA and NMSLoader

-         escalating unreachable sites, for PM to investigate direct access information

 Leeds County Council, 8am – 4.30pm – BT recently took network control over 200 devices used by home council users. Tasks included the following:

-         configuring routers for BT management including TACACS and SNMP management

-         changing configurations to match stated requirements

-         ensure back door access to devices via modems is successful

-         verify managed devices identified on network management platforms

-         resolve and report any issues to PM

 Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBoS), Voice over IP Project 4.30pm – 10pm, IP Solutions Engineer – HBoS are installing new Cisco IP phones, while upgrading existing routers and switches from c3600 to c3745/c3845 and catalyst 2950s to 3550s. Responsibilities:

-         verifying flash is upgraded

-         troubleshooting RIP and BGP for connectivity

-         testing backup voice ISDNs are advertised via OSPF on PE routers

-         troubleshooting DLSW and DHCP for IP phone (7960G,7940G) connectivity

-         highlighting QoS issues and engaging data engineers for unforeseen unique design problems

-         upgrading the circuit bandwidth on the PE, while monitoring WAN activity alarms on the CE using the Omnibus network management platform

-         taking a snapshot of the working devices before the migration and ensuring LAN works as specified after customer site tests

-         ensuring LAN is in operation, regardless, after the migration or else revert back

Jan 2006 – May 31st BT Global Services, London . Royal Bank of Scotland Project (RBOS)

Network Engineer, 8am – 5pm – RBOS bought over Ulster Bank, which involved the migration and upgrading of the Ulster WAN network, supporting over 250 ATM machines and about 63 branch sites, across The Republic and Northern Ireland. BT managed the WAN connection, and I worked in a team of three, providing 2nd/3rd line support

-         2mbits/s serial (over MPLS), ISDN, ATM, BGP were key technologies

-         providing 3rd line support and dealing with the live cut-over migrations installing a new hub router feeding a range of 1 to 25 spoke sites, working in a team with BT field engineers and Ulster Bank engineers to ensure successful migration

-         liaising directly with the designers to write and troubleshoot configs for each hub and spoke site to ensure a successful and specified fail-safe operation

-         testing WAN connections before live migrations and liaising with Eircom to sort out ISDN issues

-         deadlines were very crucial as well as verifying and clarifying migration problems to the project manager, to swiftly find solutions to problems, and highlight ongoing issues, before a 4pm progress meeting each day with The Bank

Network Engineer, 5pm – 9pm          Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS)

HBOS were upgrading their LAN switches for about 150 sites, after normal working hours.

-         the old LAN switch was replaced with either a 24 port 2950 or a 48 port 3560 switch, using DLSW.

-         Configuring the new switch with the correct management address and ensuring the correct ports were configured to the specified settings (speed, duplex) to support the on site Unysis Server and other applications

-         Installations of internal and external content engines for enhanced application support

-         Liaising with the Unysis Server engineer to green light a success after carrying out LAN tests

-         Contacting CCIE Data Engineers when unexpected unforeseen design issues are encountered that are not highlighted on the process document.

Oct 2005 – Jan 2006  BT Global Services, Vauxhall, UK

Cisco Commissioning Specialist – see below

 Aug 2005 – Sep 2005 Holiday/Business trip to Vancouver, Canada

Network Analyst, Apr 05 - July 05 - contracting for Cable & Wireless, at the European headquarters in Bracknell, UK. Responsibilities included planning, designing and successfully implementing the migration (failed FOUR times before) of a live global WAN, in a team of four, supporting highly reputable organizations (over 3000 sites) located around the world, in Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Caribbean.

Working as part of team to construct the network upgrade procedure and reasoning with colleagues where appropriate to discuss underlying problems. Understanding the topology of each unique customer and making accurate assumptions on live migrations, running on mission-critical networks to limit downtime and disruption, with limited resources to send out engineers to remote problem sites.

Verifying and configuring management routers for redundancy and access to the SMARTS (similar to HPopenView) network management platform, adjusting or amending routing protocols, ensuring operations of SNMP, TACACS+, AAA, access lists, static routes for less overhead and writing configurations as required to suit every unique customer.

Cisco Commissioning Specialist, Oct 04 - Apr 05 - contracting for British Telecom Global Services in London, England. I provided 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support on the N3 NHS Project, involving over 18,000 sites such as hospitals, clinics, surgeries and schools across the UK, in one of the biggest IT projects undertaken costing over £6 billion.

Work started at 8am and normally finished earliest at 6pm. Daily responsibilities included dealing with ADSL (primary link) and ISDN (backup) issues, troubleshooting RIP v2, OSPF and BGP routing protocols as well as understanding thoroughly the N3 network architecture, where required.

More technical roles involved writing configurations for live cutovers from Cable & Wireless supported sites to BT. In this capacity I provided help, support and training to members of staff and liaised with engineers on customer sites and more senior project managers to find solutions to problems. 

Installed and configured brand new (out of the box) Cisco equipment as shown above, complete with ISDN simulator, modems and configured frame-relay switches, using 2600 routers. Included are Cisco 1600s, 1700s, 2500s, 2600s, 3600s, AS5000 series routers and Catalyst 1900s, 2950s, 3550s, 4006s and 6000 series switches, worth over £100,000.

Very good configuring LAN/WAN protocols such as Frame-Relay, ISDN BRI & PRI, xDSL/ADSL, ATM, X.25, PPP and Broadband technologies.

Good implementation of routing protocols, namely RIP versions 1 & 2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS and BGP, with a sound understanding of the intricacies involved with NBMA technologies like Frame-relay. 

TCP/IP specialist with proven skills in IP subnetting, route redistribution, summarization, VLANs, NAT, access-lists, IPT, and AAA to scale access control in an expanding network.



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